Rooted in Tradition ~ Relational by Nature ~ Relevant for Today

Because You Matter- Period.


Through our Online Global Sisterhood, Mystery School Classes, Healing & Empowerment Sessions, and Subscription Support Bundles- we deliver. 


With the Moon as our Guide, we are here to offer you the support, nourishment, and guidance you require as you step into your truest expression of femininity. 


Many of us Womxn would love to receive support during our menstruation time (MoonTime), and to be celebrated through milestones on our journey of womanhood. Yet we may not have the instinct to ask for it, or the community to offer it. 


At MoonCycle our response is simple- we bring the support to you.


Are you ready to claim your own MoonCycle?




Whether or not you physically bleed each moon, you are still energetically cycling, and this offering is for you. 

Womxn: the 'x' represents the inclusion of all human expressions of womanhood. If you feel this offering would serve your body, then it is for you.

Our Bundle Offerings

How Does It Work?

It's that time of the moon. 

If only you had a delicious bar of hand-ground chocolate, a hot cup of herbal tea, a soothing guided meditation, a heart to heart with a dear sister, and a good ol' foot-rub...

We've got you.

...Minus the foot rub... Fabio was 'busy'


Choose It

Choose which bundle you'd like to receive each Moon. Select one that is pre-curated or build your own.

Customize It

Celebrating the power of your choice! Personalize your bundle with our Add-On options. Available at check-out. 

Receive It

Your bundle arrives to your door around each New Moon. Services scheduled Moonly. You are welcomed into our online community.

Go With Your Flow


What's Inside?

Meet the basic & customizable components of each Bundle that make it truly Holistic:


MoonTime Journal Reflections

~Intro Bundle~

MoonCycle Tracking Chart


Utilize the power of your mind to shift your reality. You will have the opportunity to decide the story that defines you. Not the story society would define you as. Practice tracking your body's cycles each Moon.


Private Facebook Group
Moonly Zoom Gathering


Mystery School Classes


We provide a safe community space to be supported by other women. Meet 'face-to-face' through our Full Moon Gatherings & form lasting friendships. You all are brightly shining Stars within our SistarHive.


Essential Self-Care Items


Herbal & Energetic Medicines

Healing Crystal/Stone


Our Natural, Organic, Hand-Harvested Medicines are sourced from healthy relationship to planet and body. Along with our foundational self-care items, your body can actually get the support its asking for each Moon. 

Tell PMS goodbye!

Spirit & Soul

Guidance Card & Wisdom Teaching
MoonTime Practice Invitations


Guided Meditation

1:1 Healing Session


MoonTime has been honored as a Sacred Ceremony from time immemorial. By inviting you into simple Moonly rituals, you will remember your source of true power as a Woman, and feel 'on purpose' again. 

Why MoonCycle?

We are much more than your standard 'period box'...

Unlike receiving a box of cheaply-sourced, single use items, that are potentially harmful to yourself, humankind, and the environment-

We bring you a blend of products & services that create lasting relationship to yourself, your planet, and your community. 


We know you can get sanitary supplies anywhere, but you can't get this just anywhere:


  • Wisdom from the Ancient Goddess Traditions & Herstory
  • Breaking FREE from Harmful Feminine Stereotypes
  • A Deepened Connection to the Natural Cycles of your Body
  • Earth-Conscious, Wild-Harvested, Handmade Goods
  • Supportive Sisterhood Community
  • Ongoing Mystery School Classes
  • Healing & Empowerment Sessions


More from our Founder, Shardai:
  • Support for Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit
subscription box

Why do you say 'Bundle,' not Box?

We just couldn't bring ourselves to put the Sacred Feminine in a 'box'!

It may seem silly, but simply shifting our verbage is one small step towards treating the Sacred Feminine with the care She deserves. 

Starting at $29/ Moon

What are Women Saying?

  • Kaitlin B.

    Just got the prettiest bundle from @mooncycle_llc 😍 The tea smells absolutely divine and I cannot to give it a try. Everything in this box was so well thought out and a lot of care went into the whole package. Its exactly what I needed and could not have come at a more perfect time!

  • Julie K.

    My teenage daughter and I love to come to all the MoonCycle gatherings, and we love all of her offerings! What a great offering for our small mountain town community.

  • Adrienne C.

    Shardai is a very gentle soul who holds a powerful space for healing. She meets you where you are and walks with you, shoulder to shoulder, down your path. She treated me with an essential oils Raindrop Technique. As a holistic health practitioner, I have experienced many types of treatments, and did not expect it to be as wonderful as it was. We began by setting an intention. The work is very gentle but intense. I had clear visualizations of how to proceed with my intention. When it ended, I felt invigorated and though it was late in the day, I was excited to get busy on my work. I highly recommend Shardai for healing and removing blockages.

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